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Solidwood Forest maintains a full-line treating facility in Waller, Texas uses high-quality preservatives from Koppers. Our MicroPro™ and Blue Sill® Borate treated wood, kiln drying capabilities, and the manufacturing of quality specialty items provide our customers with a choice for their treated lumber needs. Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TPI) performs third-party inspections, providing quality assurance on all treated wood we produce.

Micronized Copper Treated Wood – MicroPro™ Technology
We use MicroPro® technology by Koppers, the first wood treatment process to be certified EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product) providing long term protection to wood exposed in exterior applications.

Blue Sill® Borate Treated Lumber
Blue Sill® Borate pressure treated lumber is perfect for above ground, weather protected structural framing in residential and commercial applications.

Kiln-Dried After Treatment | KDAT
Lumber that has been kiln-dried after pressure treatment KDAT has been “pre-shrunk” in the controlled environment of a processing plant, minimizing the dimensional changes to the wood.

Chief Good Man says...

"Edge Timbers are available in Southern Yellow Pine,
treated or untreated, #1 FOHC Doug Fir Timbers, and
Western Red Cedar. Ask for them by name."

The controlled process of drying material after treating it with borates or MicroPro™

Blue Sill℠ Borate pressure treated lumber is perfect for residential and commercial applications.

Koppers MicroPro™

The Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) program run by Scientific Certification Systems has approved the Koppers MicroPro® technology as the first and only method for treating wood that is based on life-cycle assessment. Timber Products Inspection, Inc., (TPI), an independent inspection agency, provides quality assurance on all Solidwood Forest finished products.