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Solidwood Forest LTD. With a wide selection of high-quality products to choose from and a sizable inventory on hand, Solidwood Forest LTD. takes pride in providing customers with the product they need when they need it.

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  • Pine Pattern [PDF]
  • Select Southern Yellow Pine
  • Treated Dimensional Lumber
  • Western Red Cedar Lumber & Timber
  • Plywood Panels & OSB
  • Poles
  • Decking & Deck Components
  • Fencing
  • Corbels/Brackets
  • Rafter Tails

Product List:

Blue Sill℠ Borate pressure treated lumber is perfect for residential and commercial applications.
Vintage Pattern
Vintage Pine
Pine Pattern Profiles

Available in pine and western red cedar, Edge Timbers™ are architectural-quality beams intended for exposed construction. Using a unique milling process, timbers are given four clean sides, eliminating mill chain stains, banding marks, oxidation, rail rub, and water stains. »»»