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Solidwood Forest LTD. partners with only the finest mills in the country to select the best grades of lumber for our needs. Starting with high-quality materials allows us to produce the best quality products for our customers.
    Prime lumber consists of a #2 Southern Yellow Pine that has been selected to have no wane on either side of the product. This gives an overall better appearance and a uniform edge. It’s simply better-looking material!
    We pride ourselves on our versatility in both service and products. To ensure we maintain that versatility, we keep a wide variety of products on hand at all times. With our ability to mill and treat these raw materials ourselves, our service time is shortened and our product mix is multiplied.

Southern Yellow Pine Patterns
Southern Yellow Pine Patterns

Blue Sill℠ Borate pressure treated lumber is perfect for residential and commercial applications.
Vintage Pattern
Vintage Pine
Pine Pattern Profiles

Available in pine and western red cedar, Edge Timbers™ are architectural-quality beams intended for exposed construction. Using a unique milling process, timbers are given four clean sides, eliminating mill chain stains, banding marks, oxidation, rail rub, and water stains. »»»