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Solidwood Forest customers buy from us not only for our expanded product selections but also because of our down-home Texas "can do" attitude. We can deliver our premiere forest products throughout Texas and capable of distributing and shipping any where in the U.S. and beyond. 

Services Include:

  • Custom Remanning
  • Special Patterns [PDF]
  • Precision Trimming
  • Custom Kiln Drying
  • Resawing/Ripping/Surfacing
  • Dadoing
  • Dog Earing
  • Paper/Poly Wrapping

Solidwood Forest Express Truckers Wanted.
Solidwood Forest Express is hiring fleet truck drivers. Apply Now!
Chief Good Man says...

Blue Sill® borate treated lumber can protect from termites, rot, and decay.

Available in pine and western red cedar, Edge Timbers™ are architectural-quality beams intended for exposed construction. Using a unique milling process, timbers are given four clean sides, eliminating mill chain stains, banding marks, oxidation, rail rub, and water stains. »»»